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Why should you signup?

We currently have a very small team of tutors and would really appreciate extra help in order to provide students with more availability and be able to handle a greater amount of students and subjects overall!

Don't feel as if you need to be a genius to sign up! We'll help to set you up with tutoring sessions in subjects that you are comfortable and confident with! If you reconsider your decision to be a tutor later on you're always free to cease your participation!

Tutor Requirements

  • We ask that you have a unweighted GPA of at least 3.5 in the subject you will be tutoring

  • Be confident in and willing to tutor at least 1 subject

  • Be available for at least 1 hour every week (schedules can be adjusted to accommodate for schedule conflicts)

  • Be a generally patient person, not everyone is on your same academic level! All we ask is for you to be patient with your student.

Ready to make a change?

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