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Our Vision

In creating this site and providing extra opportunities for students to academically succeed at DSST: Cedar we're striving to create a more connected community in which students are willing to help others as well as feel comfortable reaching out for help if they need it!


We recognize that DSST has a harsh curriculum and difficult classes that become overwhelming to balance and keep up in so we're here to help! There's no guarantee that the advice or help you receive will be perfect as we are not professionals but we will do our best to assist you! If you think our availability is lacking or if you want to lend a hand in your community please consider signing up to be a tutor and helping us out!

On top of creating a more tight-knit community at Cedar,  we wanted to provide opportunities to students who cannot afford or do not want to pay for traditional tutoring options through the efforts of our own students. Although not professionals, our tutors have experience learning how to thrive in the very classes you're taking this year and in turn can offer insights that traditional tutors could not.

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